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February 4, 2014

Easy Social Shop offers a social media sales channel optimised for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other leading social media platforms. Using Easy Social Shop, business owners can simply and seamlessly import their pre-existing eCommerce store to a Facebook shop with a single click, giving their merchandise a much wider audience. Consumers are able to browse a business’ catalogue without ever leaving the social media atmosphere, and are redirected to the original eCommerce site when finalising a purchase.

Easy Social Shop adds a social dynamic to the shopping experience by encouraging consumers to share, recommend and discuss with friends the items they already have or want to buy across several social media platforms. Easy Social Shop has grown quickly, hosting over 80,000 shops from 142 different countries, and delivering a 10%-18% average revenue growth for its users. It is customisable, can be translated into 7 different languages and is seamlessly integrated with eBay, Etsy, Shopify, Amazon, Magento and other major eCommerce platforms.

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