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Tel Aviv bids to become the next Silicon Valley

By Ruth Eglash | May 28 2013   

“We wanted to be based in a place near where we live and to be central enough to attract talented people to work with us,” says Nissim Lehyani, co-founder of one such start-up, Easy Social Shop, an e-commerce platform that enables online shopping outlets to easily transfer their data to a Facebook store.

He chose to locate his company’s office on the city’s central and historic Rothschild Boulevard, which according to Avner Warner, head of international economic development for the municipality’s Tel Aviv Global City initiative, is the “start-up street, in the start-up capital of the start-up nation.”

A map of start-ups in central Tel Aviv. (Credit: Tel Aviv Municipality)

To be clear, Tel Aviv’s start-up streak is nothing new. Israel is well-known for its tech industry; one 2010 book dubbed Israel the “start-up nation.” But the nature of that technology is changing — as are, boosters hope, the people making it.

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